Shower of Gold Flower Shoppe started in Davao City, 1981. The shop was an offshoot product of the Yuhico Orchid Garden located in Catalunan Pequeno, Davao. Mercedes Bustamante, a daughter of Johnny and Fanny Yuhico decided to put up a business arranging flowers that were harvested from their gardens.

This eventually paved the way for Shower of Gold to become one of the pioneers in the flower arranging industry. Up until the present, Shower of Gold Flower Shoppe has been doing business with top local and multinational companies in the country.

The company prides itself in producing arrangements that are composed of local and indigenous materials. Shower of Gold Flower Shoppe also keeps up with the times by producing modern designs that possess distinct Filipino identity.

For the company, flower arranging is more than just a business, it’s an art.


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